My Louis Vuitton Purchase Sucked. Not For The Reasons You Think.

louis-vuitton-neverfull-mm-damier-ebene-handbags--N41358_PM2_Front view

For years, I wanted a Louis Vuitton. My mother had one. My friends had one. My old boss had several.

I loved the luxury of the designer brand and honestly, I still do. It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it goes with everything. In L.A., it’s the typical L.A. fashion accessory. You’ll be more shocked to see a woman not carrying a Louis Vuitton than one who does.

So several years ago, pre-Bear, on my birthday, I went out and purchased one. Maks and I looked at the type of bag I wanted and I saved for months to get it. I made sure I had enough for the bag and tax. Maks went with me to Hollywood and Highland to get it.


We celebrated at Buffalo Wild Wings (it was my birthday), and took the train back home as I clutched my Louis bag the same way a mother holds a newborn. I took out my Louis Vuitton once to go out shopping and one more time on an interview.

And then it sat in its box and duster bag.

I took the bag out once more for my baby shower weekend and once I returned back to L.A., it went back into the box. I took it out another time after Bear was born, though he wasn’t quite walking yet.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I took it since then, four years ago. And yes, you read that right, I took out that bag less than five times.


Since then, I’ve had several bags I use on a regular basis and a Michael Kors backpack that I absolutely love that gets daily sunlight. But my Louis Vuitton…the one bag I wanted and acquired…just sits.

It’s beyond buyer’s remorse that I have; it’s putting hope and faith into a material possession that ultimately, didn’t do anything for me. Sure, I have a desired bag from a well-respected designer brand.

But if all it does is just sit, what joy does it bring me?

It was and still is, a hard lesson for me to learn. I put so much faith into getting a bag (and really, that’s all that is) that once I did achieve it, there was no other fulfillment. My Louis Vuitton can’t tell me how awesome its day was at school. My Louis Vuitton can’t show me the coolest video it just seen on YouTube. My Louis Vuitton can’t spill the latest tea.

My Louis Vuitton can’t do jack shit.


Now, let’s compare this to another recent achievement I just had – a book I wrote went number one.

This is a book I spent many hours and weeks on. It was the first book of a series and it did spectacularly well. So well, it hit number one in three categories. A book I wrote around the same time I acquired the Louis Vuitton brought a new audience to me.

And my Louis Vuitton…just sits.

It made me realize that I can’t put all of my faith into materialistic things. If a major earthquake happens, am I really going to care about my handbag collection? When we were burglarized earlier this year, the thieves didn’t take the purse (they would’ve if they rummaged throughout the home), but would I have cared much about the purse then? A purse I’ve used less than five times?

I switched over to using backpacks about two years ago because Bear is so active. When we go to do various activities, it’s easier for me to just have a bag on me than to set it down and pick it (along with various germs and creepy crawlers), to go chase Bear.

I have a handy Jansport that I’ve had forever and is still in great condition. And I have my handy-dandy Michael Kors with all the whistles and pockets inside. In fact, I love my Michael Kors backpack so much, I’m wearing it out and I will have to get a new one soon.

So, lesson learned…what was the purpose of me spending an exorbitant amount of money on a fancy handbag that has never seen the light of day in years, when I can spend that same amount of money with my family.

More experiences, less things.





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