Vegetarian side dish: Broccoli Tots

Sometimes, you’re just tired of eating potatoes as a side dish. And maybe you’re a bit over eating roasted or veggies. And you can only steam for so long before you turn into a personal sauna.

I’ve wanted to make something different for a while but you know, lazy. I finally decided, okay, I’m going to make this and hopefully it won’t suck.

Enter broccoli tots.

Now, as a warning, I do post a lot of vegan food and recipes on here, however, this version of broccoli tots I’ve used is NOT vegan. It IS vegetarian. For the vegan version of broccoli tots that I found, click here. (Note: I haven’t tried that one so I can’t say yay or nay to it.)


These came out hella good. I actually the majority of them. Bear wasn’t interested, though I believe this recipe is kid-friendly (Bear’s in that stage where if he’s not around his friends to eat it, he just won’t and le sigh…). Hubby loves these as well so I can definitely say they’re a hit in this household.

So, try them! Tell me what you think?


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