Potty Packs Reviews

So, a while back ago…like last month (really, my bad), I was sent some material to personally review. I like to give a personal shout-out to Marc for being patient with me as I reviewed these. I’ll leave the video I did with Bear at the end of this post, but I like to talk about the potty packs themselves.

Please excuse one of them being opened. I only had one left. The potty pack was very popular with my friends and family

These packs are meant to be emergency kits and are for single use. They’re veteran-owned (which I love as someone who has veterans in my family. Please, please, please support our veterans!) and they’re made in the USA. Two bonuses right there, folks!

The potty pack was awesome because when you need to go in a place that’s kinda iffy and you don’t have the option of holding it or finding a secluded spot, it’s perfect. It comes with a toilet seat cover, y’all!!! Omggggggg

The potty pack really came in handy when I was out with Bear and he had to go and there were no available toilets for him to go. Luckily, I always have his potty in the car but the potty packs came in super handy to get his hands clean. I seriously recommend these.

The park pack was similar to the potty pack. It contained:

  • sunscreen (the package said suntan but it really had sunscreen)
  • insect repellent
  • ear plugs
  • lip balm
  • wet wipe (just one)
  • hand wipe (just one)
  • hand sanitizer

I think these would be perfect for a day out in the park, going to your kids’ practices, and outdoor concerts. I recommend these.

The period packs were kinda iffy for me. While they contained a variety of goodness, I felt it lacked one major thing.

  • tampon
  • panty liner
  • wet wipe
  • hand wipe
  • hand sanitizer
  • pain relief
  • stain remover wipe

The period pack didn’t contain maxi pads. With all how thin the maxi pads are becoming, I feel they should include one. Also, a lot of women don’t wear tampons so there needs to be a maxi pad alternative.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with them. Again, my friends and family snatched all of them so I only have the three above left, LOL. But I highly recommend them if you want to purchase.

To purchase some potty packs, click here.

To check out the video Bear and I did, click below:


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