Every Day I’m Brusselin’

I’m actually about that life instead of having cute towels that I’ll never actually use because they are simply for decoration.


But no, I do eat my veggies and a lot of them. At least I try to:


Now, I have to admit: I was never a Brussels sprouts girl. They weren’t on my list of, ‘Oh, how yum!’ growing up. Ever since I smelled them being boiled (and trust, they smell like the devil), they’re not something I wanted to pursue.

However, there’s always new ways to eat veggies. I decided to roast them.

First, you need to thoroughly clean and chop off the ends as indicated above. Peel back the yucky layers and discard them. Since Brussels sprouts are a part of the cabbage family, treat it as you would cabbage or lettuce.

I usually cut them in half. It’s a habit I’ve learned during my struggle-I-ain’t-got-any-money days and well, old habits die hard. It’s also a good thing because if you have guests, you’ll essentially have more sprouts to spare. It also cuts down on the time people would cut them in half themselves.


I usually toss them with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper, but really, you can use any seasoning. A few recipes also added balsamic vinegar and garlic. I just like to keep them simple.


I normally roast the veggies on a baking sheet but since I’m still mid-move, my baking sheets weren’t available. However, my cast-iron skillet did the job! I have a rather fancy one as you can tell (Le Creuset and believe me, them bitches are not cheap) but I feel any ol’ cast iron skillet will do!


Ta-dah! I didn’t use a filter so I apologize for the glow. It was still rather steamy in the kitchen. But hey, not too shabby, huh?

I know they look still hella green (they should be more brownish), but I also was still testing to see how they would fare in a new oven. I also had one too many burnt Brussels sprouts in my past so I tend to like them a bit greener.


I paired them with my honey-soy salmon (and I apologize for posting a half-eating pic but ah hell…you know how I do).

My Recipe:

1 pound of Brussels sprouts

Sea salt


Olive Oil

(You can also use any seasoning you like)


  • Pre-heat oven at 400 degrees F.
  • Thoroughly wash the Brussels sprouts. Cutting them is optional.
  • Apply a generous amount of olive oil to make sure the sprouts are fully covered. Sprinkle any seasoning you like.
  • Get a roasting pan, baking sheet, or cast-iron skillet to put the brussels sprouts on.
  • Bake for 30 minutes. Be sure to check your sprouts and shake them like a Polaroid picture so they don’t stick and they’re cooked all of the way through.

What’s your favorite type of veggie to roast?


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