Vegetarian Snack: Brie x Cucumber Open Sandwiches

So, originally I was going to post about the vegan sautéed red chard I just made. However, I didn’t take a pic of it so, LOL, I’m going to have to wait a couple days to remake it and take a pic of it.

However, last night, I did make vegetarian brie x cucumber sandwiches last night. I had a lot of brie and a lot of cucumbers and I thought, ‘Can I actually combine the two?’

Turns out, I can.



Brie cheese, softened so it can spread easily

Cucumber slices

Your choice of bread (I used dark, rye bread but I think any bread will work)

Any garnish of your choosing. (Some used sprouts, cracked black pepper, smoked paprika, etc.)

Now, I have to admit, while this came out hella good (I actually had three of them), it’s not something you would eat all of the time, no matter what type of bread. Brie is a very good but hella fattening cheese and I could’ve sworn my waist line expanded just by looking at the pic.

But it’s a great appetizer to serve to guests (instead of bread, you could use Triscuit crackers), and a good once in a while snack.

Now tomorrow, I will post my results of the sautéed red chard! It came out so delicious!


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