Resolutions, Schemzolutions


I’m not a real big believer in resolutions. In fact, I’m hard pressed to remember when was the last time I made any. It’s not that I make them and forget about them around February (which seems to be the time most people do); it’s just I’m a believer in if it wasn’t my goal on December 31st, it’s not going to be my goal on January 1st.

What I do instead is make quarterly goals and I’ve done this since 2009. I always have a list, usually a long one, about what goals I want to achieve. I usually put them in three categories: those that are easy to accomplish, those that are a bit harder, and those that are almost impossible.

Hence I said almost.

I consider myself a cross between a dreamer and a realist. Of course, I want the nice house, the nice car, and the bank account full of zeroes. I also realize I need to put in the effort for it. Everyone can dream big, but very few want to put in the work for it.

This year is a bit different. While I’m hesitant to call this list as resolutions, it gives me something to look forward to. I won’t list all of my goals (some things need to be kept private), but I’ll list a few of them as well as the ones I have for Bear.

Let’s gooooooo!


  1. Get pregnant. That’s a no-brainer.
  2. Lose weight. Obviously, this is going have to occur before the first one does. I’m steadily working on this.
  3. Eating healthier. We were doing pretty well and then towards the end of the year, we both were like, ‘fuck it.’ Back to green leafy veggies and no soda.
  4. Blog more. Honestly, I haven’t been blogging as much as I should and as I would like.
  5. Become more known in the Mommy blogosphere. Truthfully, there aren’t a lot of Black Mommy bloggers and there are very few Black Mommy bloggers that also do product reviews.
  6. Become more fluent in Russian. While I speak a little of it (if you’ve ever seen our YouTube videos, my introduction is in Russian), I want to become conversational in it.


  1. Potty-trained! I’m really hoping this happens before the end of the first quarter. I’m seriously tired of buying diapers. He knows what the toilet is for and what goes in the toilet. Now we need to get him to be on the toilet.
  2. Bear sleeping in his own room. Right now his room is used as a makeshift storage unit but once that’s cleared out (another first quarter goal), I’m hoping he’s in there. He’s always slept with us in our room and his crib is right next to our bed. Now he needs to be in his own room. (Note: this is not an anti-co-sleeping post and please, do not take it as one. This is just merely parental preference.)
  3. Bear learning our first names. While it’s good he calls us Mommy and Daddy, I also want him to name us by our first names. When someone asks him who his parents are, I want him to say ‘Crys’ and ‘Maks’.
  4. Bear becoming more fluent in Russian and Ukrainian. This year, Maks is going to travel to his hometown (Bear and I won’t go with him this year but next). It would be lovely if he could communicate with his Ukrainian family in their native language as well.

It’s a pretty big list for both of us and that’s not even all of it. But as long as I have something to look forward to, it’ll make me want to accomplish the goals even faster. What are your goals for this year?




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