Bear the ShowStopper


Hello family!

I apologize for the lack of posts. The beautiful thing about having a preschooler is when you send them to school well, it’s almost a guarantee they’ll come home sick and share the love. Yeah, we’re all sick here but we’re on the mend. The last few days weren’t that great but I’m glad it wasn’t anything more serious to warrant an ER trip.

Being sick does come at a peculiar time (ovulation) so we’ll see what happens this month. I’m not really a fan of pushing a date back but if neither of us are feeling well, we don’t really have a choice. Sucks major, yo!

In other news, we just got our tree last night. If you’re not familiar with how we celebrate the holidays, we celebrate Christmas, New Year’s but also St. Nick’s and Orthodox Christmas and New Year’s. I want to do more research to incorporate Kwanzaa also in our celebrations. I hope to have another post on our preparations for the holidays!

Anyhoo, Bear and I have been busy so here is a YouTube videos we made this past week.


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