Is Bentgo Good to Go for You?


So, I picked up the Bentgo Kids lunch box from Amazon other day. I wanted to pack Bear’s lunch in a place where he could easily snack all day when he’s at school and is relatively easy for us to clean. I also didn’t want a bunch of plastic bags all over the place (really trying to conserve waste).

Here’s my review:


It’s pretty sturdy. It’s actually a bit heavy (about a pound give or take) and it takes a beating. It’s designed for school kids in mind (3-7 years old) so it has to be pretty sturdy to survive numerous drops and bangs.


It’s surprisingly easy to clean! The tray removes from the box. Just use soap and water.


Okay, this is a grey area. It’s pretty pricey. It’s on sale now for about $27.99, down from its regular price of $39.99. You would need to look at this more as a long-term investment that would last for years.


Despite the price tag, I do recommend the Bentgo. In hindsight, I probably should’ve gotten one for Maks as well. It’s really good for snacks and perfect for children.

Here is an idea I did for Bear for his first day of school:


I used the cheese from the Balanced Breaks pack and the Nutella and breadsticks from the Nutella pack. I also added a small tangerine.


Afterwards, I added a grape/peanut butter Uncrustable on top of Gerber’s lil’ crunchies.


Bear’s in school all day so I packed three different drinks for him. He only drank the water, which makes me happy. I did keep the other drinks at school for him.

The end results of his lunch?


I’m pleasantly surprised he ate the entire lunch with the exception of the Nutella (Maks and I ended up finishing ourselves).

So, I highly recommend the Bentgo lunch box! Get it on sale while you can!





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