Why the Mixed Remixed Festival was full of Disappoint

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I debated writing this post. Sometimes, I prefer to air my grievances with someone or an organization privately and without drama. But sometimes you need to call someone out on their bullshit so here we go.

I was originally scheduled to speak at a panel regarding Parenting with Difference: Multiracial and Families of Transracial Adoption in Conversation. Yeah, it’s a mouthful but that’s not my grievance.

For starters, the panel was big; too big. I believe there were six of us. The panel should’ve been three people, tops. Second, the panel focused more on transracial adoption and less on parents giving advice on raising biracial children. Transracial adoption isn’t my expertise since I don’t have any adopted children.  Other than my brief introduction, that was the only time I spoke the entire time. 


Third, the moderator didn’t moderate. Panelists were able to share long and sometimes, detailed stories, including the moderator! And a lot of people weren’t able to ask questions which leads to my next point…

After the panel, I had people come up to me to ask questions they wanted to ask but weren’t able to because time restraints and the conversation was mostly about adoption. I decided some of the questions I was asked, I will create separate vlog and blog posts addressing them. Gotta turn lemons into lemonade.


So, yeah…I feel a bit silly promoting an event I was mute at. Honestly, if I didn’t show up today, it wouldn’t have made a difference, that’s how little of an impact I made. Still, I do believe in the Mixed Remixed Festival and its goal of bringing people of all mixed and biracial backgrounds together, as well as their friends and families.

I’m salty about how things turned out so I can’t say right now if I’ll be attending next year (or ever again). Maybe I might go as an attendee but since I was muted this year, probably not as a panelist again.



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