Finding the Perfect Leave-In Can Be Hard Work

One thing many naturalistas can agree on is how hard it can be to find the perfect leave-in. As you journey more on your natural hair care journey, you find what used to work for you, may not. Something that may be sworn up by many women, may have blah results for you.

My face when…

It can be frustrating at times and let’s keep it 100, ladies…sometimes being #teamnatural also equates to being #teamexpensive. It really, really sucks to spend a lot of money on a product that doesn’t do a damn thing.

That being said, let’s review a brand I personally love – Camille Rose.


Camille Rose is a favorite of many naturalistas and for good reason: while it’s catered to many hair types, it does work wonders on Type 4 hair. I personally found it be a little shy of miraculous.

Still, I’m going to give an honest review. Here it goes:

Camille Rose Curl Love


The Consistency:

It’s pretty thick. You might find it to be a wee bit of a challenge. I compare it to getting ketchup out of a bottle – you might have to shake and maneuver a couple of times before any comes out.



It has a nice and fragrant smell and not too heavy. It smells like fruit, flowery, and springtime. This is a really great smelling product. I say this because I’ve run across quite a few products for natural hair that doesn’t smell good at all.

The Cost:

I’m going to be upfront – Camille Rose can be pricey (read: you’re going to be spending at least $15), however, it does last for a while (meaning, at least a couple of months or more, depending on your usage. My bottle of Curl Milk has lasted several weeks already and I still have quite a bit leftover).

The Routine:

I co-washed my hair with As I Am. I’m stating this because I want you to know I didn’t use the Camille Rose cowash for this. Since I already had As I Am in my possession, I went ahead and used that. I’ll review Camille Rose’s  cowash in a later blog post. I towel-dried my hair and put the Curl Love in as I detangled.

Now, when I don’t cowash, I do spritz my hair with water for moisture before I use the curl milk. Camille Rose says the product can be used on wet or dry hair.

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The Result:

It goes on white but it dries clear. It kept my hair moisturized all day. My hair didn’t feel stiff or sticky and most importantly, my coils were poppin’ like an 80’s breakdancer.


My Review:


  • It’s nice and light.
  • Fragrant but not heavy.
  • Lasts for a while.
  • Makes your curls and coils pop.
  • This product is best used on Type 4 hair.


  • Can be pricey; the cheapest I’ve seen this retail was $15.
  • The cream might be pretty thick to successfully come out of the bottle first go-round.
  • This might be too heavy for any hair type that isn’t Type 4.

So if you have Type 4 hair, I highly recommend this product! If you don’t have Type 4 hair, I do recommend this product here.

Coming up on the next natural hair care review – Mixed Chicks for children!




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