Russian Soul Sunday – Salmon Edition

I love to experiment with different foods because it’s nice to wake up your palate now and again. I learned a few years back I have a penchant for spicy and sweet – think chocolate and pepper. I also like to combine different things to see how they’ll turn out.

I found this recipe and I was a little taken aback by it. You see, it doesn’t have exact measurements. You kinda have to guess what something is based on your taste preference.

I was up for the Pepsi challenge.

The recipe called for Dijon mustard but my in-laws (yeah, those inlaws) recently gifted us some food items during Christmas. Seeing I have an overload of mustard in my home (not a big mustard fan), I decided to use at least one of them.

I present to you, Exhibit A:


It actually comes in a set. I’m not sure how much my in-laws actually paid for this in the store, but I don’t think it was as much Amazon is selling it for. Anyway, I decided to try one out. I never had truffle mustard before so I was game to try it.


I mixed it with the brown sugar and spread it over the salmon. I normally cook salmon face down, skin up (I feel it cooks better that way and the skin is easier to peel off doing so) but the recipe called it to be cooked right-side up. Here are the results:


Nice and brown!

Now let’s check for some sides. I decided to do kale and my husband’s leftover Russian salad.  For the kale, I never eat it plain. More power to those who do. I always put some type of dressing on it.

First, we need to crinkle up the foil so the kale cooks in the grooves (this is also a good tip for cooking bacon in the oven!)


Next, I sprinkle the soy sauce on it. Soy sauce, no matter if you use the regular or light-sodium version, is very salty. Use sparingly. You can also use whatever flavoring on kale. Another version of this is just olive oil and sea salt.


It appears not to have that much soy sauce but trust me, it’s plenty.

Now let’s take this out of the oven:


I cooked the kale for almost 15 minutes but I think next time I’ll lower the time to 10-12. It’s crispy but soft and I feel that’s perfect.


Tah-dah! The salmon with kale and my husband’s Russian salad!

The goal for every family meal is to make sure everything is a different color on the plate. (I also do the same method for Bear’s lunches.) It’s easier to go by that instead of ensuring people are eating the right amount of veggies and vitamins.



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