One Sweet Day

I have a small collection of tats on my body. When I say small, I mean three. Yeah, small. The goal is to eventually have a sleeve on my right arm. Not sure if I’m getting one on my left but for certain, my right.

We went to the Hello Kitty Convention last year and I had an opportunity to get a free Hello Kitty tattoo. Unfortunately, I was just a little too late to get one but I think it was a good thing. I was uneasy thinking the first tattoo I was going to get in a while would be a Hello Kitty tat that said, ‘Hug Life.’ I’m still getting that tattoo but I wanted something else first.

When Ethan was born, we received his set of handprints and footprints and I’ve always said I was going to get his handprint tatted on me. It was a poignant moment when he grabbed my right hand and held onto it until the very last breath so I decided my right arm was going to get that tat.

We went to a local tattoo shop, RicRoks Tattoo, and I was a walk-in appointment. My owner of the shop greeted me and I told him what I wanted. He asked me if the handprint matched the baby outside, Bo. I hesitated and stammered before I told him no. He read my emotions and swallowed; no further words were necessary.

I had my tat done by a lovely young man named Cesar. We didn’t really talk much but that was fine. I was focused on the moment. I was going to have a forever and permanent reminder of my son on me, though he lives on inside me. Here’s the end result.


The comparison of the quarter is to show size differences.

So I decided to start working on my sleeve tattoo in honor of my husband and Bo. They’re both Scorpios and Bo’s birthday is exactly a week before M.’s. I wanted to get a tattoo in honor of them but I don’t like scorpions and I wasn’t too keen on the Scorpio astrological sign. I found some people were doing constellation tattoos and it was like eureka!



Hopefully, I can get the Scorpio constellation tattoo soon. Maybe by the end of this month and have it be a nice way to end the summer.


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