Aquarium of the Pacific visit!


So, a couple months back, we visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. I know it’s a been a while since I’ve done a vlog so here it is! I hope you enjoy!

Here are some more pics from our visit!


Who Cares?

To vlog or not to vlog…

I’ve been going back and forth if I want to do this. It has nothing to do with valuing privacy or selling my family out. Let’s be clear, if I vlog, it’ll be primarily Bear and I featured (M. works full-time so he won’t be available). I started looking up some prominent YouTube families to kinda get a feel of what they do every day.

Yeah, every day. Not sure if I’m quite down with that, but let’s continue.

Everyone and their mama has recommended The Shaytards and I have to say, after watching a few episodes, I feel like they’re a part of my family. Like I know them and I want to know what they’re up to. Although they’re no longer vlogging every day (I give them much respect and props for doing so), they still post enough during the week.

So that brings us back to us…what is we gonna do?

I talked it over with M. about his feelings since we’re both pretty private. Yeah, despite how much tea I spill on our marriage and family members, we’re pretty private, go figure. He’s actually 100% supportive, though he told me he probably won’t be involved too much because of work and photography. So I wonder…would there be an audience to watch Bear and I?

Our daily life isn’t nothing to write home about. We’re boring in the good sense of the word. There’s no drama, no fighting with neighbors or family members.  If I’m not doing housework, I’m writing. Bear’s watching cartoons and I’m reading to him. Yeah, cue in the fireworks because we get down like that.

Hopefully I can put up a new vlog this week and it’ll be an introductory video of sorts. I’ll be curious as to who cares?

Oh, and one last thing…for those keeping track at home, I’m currently 9 DPO. Nope, haven’t tested yet. No symptoms yet. Not getting my hopes until my period disappears. I think I like the calmer me second month TTC than first month. That chick was cray-cray.