Viewing the Rose Parade Floats!

I am very fortunate to live near the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade. While I didn’t get to see the parade in person this year (we entered a lottery for tickets and sadly weren’t chosen), I was able to go view the floats the day after. I took Bear with me so he could experience seeing the floats like he did on TV.

If you ever come to Pasadena to view the parade, I do recommend staying to look at the floats. It’s an amazing experience and I think this just became a new favorite of mine for years to come.

It doesn’t cost hardly anything ($15 for general admission, kids 5 and under are free). I do recommend not to bring a stroller if you can help it. It gets rather crowded.

There are just so many pictures I decided to do a slideshow showcasing all of them. I hope you enjoy!

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