Bear is five.

It’s crazy to think five years ago, I won the lottery.

That’s exactly how I felt when Is aw Bear for the very first time. It honestly felt like I won the lottery. Life couldn’t have gotten any better.

I just love this little boy so much. He’s my world, my encourager, my coach, one of my best friends, and he’s just an amazing kid.

I love him so.


I can’t wait to see what his future will bring.

Happy Birthday, Bear. I wish you love, success, happiness, and a wonderful life. My beautiful child.


Garden Update!

Going to Home Depot has now become a tradition of sorts. 

My new home project of creating a garden is fully underway. (Click here for a refresher.) Here’s an update on how things are coming along:


Here is an updated picture of the small and cozy garden. Let’s go by each plant. Construction toys are not included.

Bell Peppers:

I’m super excited at how the bell peppers are growing! The red ones are on the right, and if you remember when I purchased the plant, it looked like this:


It was the verge of dying. So, all she needed was some love and care!



I am legit surprised at how fast these are growing. I’m going need to invest in a cage but I need to see what’s going to happen with these tomatoes before I do get one. But wow!



This is also growing pretty fast! I’m growing the lavender primarily for fragrance, and have a natural home scent. I love how they’re turning out!



I’m still unsure about the strawberries, but it’s only been a couple of weeks so I need to have some patience. But they seem to be doing well.



Apparently succulents need food? I was always under the impression they only needed sun and water. Nevertheless, I picked some up and sprayed a little on the succulents we have.


I used an old planter we had for a minute and moved the two recent succulents we’ve purchased. The one on the left is what Bear personally picked out. He really loves to garden now.


Or play toys. Mainly his toys.

Gerbera Daisy:

I picked up this gerbera daisy and planter because I wanted so more color in our little backyard. She’s blooming so it’s working! Plus, I just love how that planter looks! I’m so in love with it.


I picked up these calendula seeds from Whole Paycheck…erm, Whole Foods, a while back. Apparently I can eat the petals and steam them in tea. I’ll keep that in mind.

I planted them in a spare planter so we’ll see what happens! I hope the bees do their magic!




I’m still on the fence on planting an avocado seed. I read up it can take at least 3-4 years to grow from a seed, and I’m not sure if I have that kind of patience. My mother suggested I just buy a mini-tree and plant it. I think I’m going to do that.

Ethan and my Granny:

For those new to my blog, I have a son before Bear, who died in infancy several years ago, so I often honor him in many ways. To the left, the cross I’m holding is a similar one to the one we buried him. To the right, my late Granny used to love butterflies (which is why I also love butterflies), and she always loved the Monarch one. My Granny had a garden in her backyard as I was growing up and I think I inherited my green thumb from her. I decided to honor them both in the garden.

The added addition of the butterfly and the cross gives the garden a sentimental and spiritual feel. They’re always with me.

I’m still working on my compost but I think I need to pay more attention to it. I’ve been ignoring it and really, it’s not something I should be ignoring. It doesn’t smell too bad (it does smell, to keep it one hundred), but I need to start doing more with it or just toss it.

I have an orange tree I’m still trying to get some more fruit from. When we first moved in, it only had one orange and now it has six. So, I just need to be patient with that one.

Gardening is a labor of love, but I take a lot of pride in my little garden. I’m just blessed to even have one!