Russian Soul Sunday – Southern Cabbage

Okay, so I’m posting a Russian Soul Sunday recipe on a Monday; forgive me. It was my birthday weekend and it was super fun! More on that later. Here is the recipe I’d used.

I should’ve taken pictures of it but take my word on it, it was great! I added sausage and potato to make it more filling. I usually add a side of hot water cornbread but I didn’t have enough yellow cornmeal. Maybe next time.


This is a photo of Bear from last week, eating homemade chili. I figured I needed to add a pic of him to this post to make it a bit more interesting.


Russian Soul Sundays – Eggplant Dishes

Today, for Russian Soul Sunday, we’re going to do either Eggplants Mezhivo or just plain ol’ fried eggplant.

As it’s (finally!) starting to get cooler in L.A., we’re incorporating more baked and fried dishes in our diet. During the summer and warmer months, it’s usually a lot of salads or very light dishes (and honestly, who wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when it’s 100 degrees outside?).

So, I’m hopeful this time around, it won’t be a complete disaster like the last time!


Happy Feelings

Russian Soul Sundays.

It was a term M. and I came up with when we first got married. We would have one day a week where we’ll have soul food and Russian cuisine. It was a great idea at first and we did employ it a few times. Then after a while, laziness (I’ll keep it real) came in and well, Russian Soul Sundays was out.

Now, it’s back!

As Bear gets older and we’re trying to expand our family, I want our kids to recognize both sides of their identity. I don’t want them to be unfamiliar by collard greens, Russian salad, or the like because we never had it in the home. I want them to recognize a kale leaf as much as they would be familiar with sweet potato pie or pierogis.

Today I’m cooking pork pot roast with a side of nalystnyks. Personally, I’ve never made nalystnks so this is going to be an interesting experiment. Originally I wanted to include fried chicken as the main course but since we just went grocery shopping, I’m making pork roast. I might include some black eyed peas as another side to make sure we have a filling dinner.

This would be the part where I’ll include pictures but since I don’t have any (I’m still cooking), you just have to take my word for it. I’ll post an update tomorrow or later today as to how it turned out. I’ll probably create a special category just for this. 🙂

Happy Sunday, fam!