Nothing Even Matters

Nothing new to update here.

Today, I’m 12 DPO and I did test this morning. BFN. Honestly, I’m not that bummed about it. This past month was really shot because of the heat wave and our timing wasn’t great. It wasn’t like Cycle #2 where we really tried and still failed (that feeling really sucks, btw). So I’m hoping Cycle #4 is our lucky one. I’ve slacked on my daily walks so I picked that back up. Feeling good and staying positive. I kinda have to. Being negative doesn’t help me.

I’m in the process of doing the final post for my PAIL series. It’s been very therapeutic for me and I wish I started doing this sooner. I’m going to talk about the many ways you can honor your angel, either publicly or privately. I do a lot of things to honor Ethan and keep his memory alive so I’ll share those things as well.

Even though I shared our Pumpkin Patch adventures a few days ago, here are some more pictures from that.


Bear just loves his daddy. Maks is seriously his favorite person.


Last year, it was so much easier to hold him and take a photo. The look on my face explains it all.


This pic is a hit on Instagram. A lot of people love it.

No Russian Soul Sunday post yesterday because I made homemade spaghetti. Nothing really soulful about that. (It turned out great, though!) I did make a homemade coffee cake from Tiana’s cookbook.


I hope everyone is doing wonderful and great! Stay blessed.


Pumpkin Patchin’

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on Friday. Here are our shenanigans.

Flashback Friday – Pumpkin Patch edition

It’s amazing how small he was last year around this time!

We took him to his first pumpkin patch and he was a little overwhelmed. After all, he’d never seen a pumpkin before, let alone a ton of them! Here are some pics from it last year.


I really do miss that hair color. Really, it were colors.


I love this photo. So touching. ❤


Whoa! What is this?


A bit overwhelmed puffs.


Searching for the perfect pumpkin.