The Fenty Precision Makeup Sponge 100

Lord, that is a long name just to describe a makeup sponge.


As I’m anxiously awaiting to get my Fenty Beauty in my shade (440, to be exact), I decided to try another Fenty product – the makeup sponge.

Now, all makeup sponges aren’t created equal as I found out. There’s a reason why one makeup sponge will cost $5, another will cost $12, and the granddaddy of them all will cost around $25. (That review is coming soon, promise!)

Rihanna’s makeup sponge is retailing at a price that is surprisingly affordable – $16. So, of course, I have to try it.


I have to admit I love the packaging of it. It’s wrapped up super tight so you know when you’re buying a sponge, no one else’s greedy paws was all over it.

Undoing the packaging, the sponge felt nice pre-wet.


When it was wet, it felt super light. Not a bad thing. A makeup sponge is supposed to feel light and not like well, a regular sponge.

So I put it to the test. I mainly purchased this sponge to apply concealer (which, I found out I can actually use my fingertips), and sometimes, those hard to reach spots on my face when a regular sponge or brush just won’t do the trick.

As a result…there really wasn’t that much of a difference in application. Like, seriously.


It’s not that it wasn’t a good sponge. I think the shape of it is the biggest selling point, because as much as I do love my other sponges, none of them have a flat side. That side comes in real handy when you’re trying to apply concealer or even bronzer.


I think the Fenty sponge¬†would be a great starter or a good dupe for someone who doesn’t want to spend $25. However, I don’t think it provided the same coverage as the other sponges I’ve used. I’ve used this $12 knockoff from Sephora, that worked really well.

Now that we’ve met the player, how did it do?


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s from Rihanna’s Fenty brand, which is already making a huge splash in the makeup industry.
  • It does blend very well.
  • The shape is great for applying concealer and some contouring. I personally LOVE the flat side.
  • It’s relatively affordable, compared to the Beauty Blender.


  • Because it’s so lightweight (read: very soft), I felt it absorbed a lot more of my makeup.
  • Cleaning the sponge was rather interesting. I felt I had to use more soap to clean that sponge than I did with my Beauty Blender, which leads back to the first point of the Con list.

Now, I have read from other beauty gurus that the best way to use this sponge is to either soak up some excess product around your face (dry), or touch up your look (wet). So, I’ll have to try that and see. I also want to try this with my dry foundation so I’ll update this post when I do that.

I have to say I do prefer using the Fenty sponge over my brushes, yet, I’m hard-pressed to throw out my Beauty Blender quite yet. I think I have to use the Fenty sponge a few more times to see if there is a significant difference.

My recommendation?

Get it.¬†If you don’t want to spend money for a Beauty Blender yet, but you don’t want the cheap knock-offs elsewhere, try the Fenty sponge. You just might like it.