Product Review Week – Online Black-Owned Businesses

This year, I’ve shopped fromĀ a few of Black-owned businesses online. There are actually a ton of businesses and this link is a good resource to check them out. Just click on their name to check out their website/store.

Let’s get into the ones I’ve purchased from:

Blk Proverbs:

I follow her on Tumblr and she’s a riot! I love her store as well. And I’m so grateful for my mug!


KaAn’s Designs:


I really love these shirts. I see Moms do twinning stuff with their daughters and I thought, ‘Well, why can’t I do twinning stuff with my son?’


Normally, I would have a picture of Bear in this super awesome T-shirt and bandana bib but he wasn’t feeling it at the time and wanted to wear Thomas the Train.


Huemanity Avenue:

She’s a local (to me) seller and just a sweetheart! She sells wraps and jewelry online.


True Laundry:

Hands down, one of the best laundry detergents I’ve ever purchased! My clothes smell clean and not full of soap. The soap also lasts for a while, too!


So, go check them out and visit some other online shops!