Freshening Your Home Without Chemicals

Since I was pregnant with Bear, my nose has been rather sensitive. Stores like Lush, I can’t enter anymore due to my nose will just go haywire and a sneezing fit will ensure follow. ¬†(I do have a light tolerance for my fave, Bath & Body Works but even then, my visits to the store are few and far between.)

As I’m trying to go a bit natural and leave less of a carbon footprint on Earth, I wondered what was a good way to freshen my home without always lighting a candle or using an air freshener full of chemicals?

There are a ton of them on the market and some are pretty name brand. ¬†While they’ll make your room smell great – even for a short time – they’ll also leave chemicals for who knows how long they’ll really last. These are chemicals you, your loved ones, and your pets will breathe in and out on an hourly basis.

What’s a girl to do?


I already spoke about my love for diffusers, but now I want to focus more on the power of essential oils. Now, I need to say this – I’m not a crunchy mama who believes essential oils can cure everything from cancer to being the vaccine to end all vaccines (please vaccinate your kids, for f*ck’s sake).

I do believe essential oils, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, is a bonus.

Here’s an air freshening tip using your favorite essential oil – get a roll of toilet paper, and inside the paper roll, put in some drops of the oil and roll it around. A good number would be around 8-10. It sounds like a lot and it is, but you want your bathroom fresh, not funky.

My personal favorites are lemongrass, lavender, and chamomile. You want to have a relaxing experience if when you’re going number two.

Another air freshening tip: fresh flowers. Since we moved into our not-quite tiny home, I’ve taken up getting fresh flowers for my bathroom on a weekly basis. Since I’m starting to have flowers in my garden, I don’t need to make the trip to get some.

Now you can get fresh flowers from the grocery store or your local farmer’s market. I’m cheap so I tend not to get the ones that will cost more than $5 if I can help it. I’ve started to really utilize the garden to my advantage and I cut my fresh rosemary and lavender on a weekly basis now:


It’s not much, but hey, I grew this!


Of course, opening a window will guarantee fresh air in the home, but sometimes you need a little extra.

How do you naturally freshen your home?