These Products Will Help You Have a Hot Mom Summer

Rapper Meg Thee Stallion coined the phrase, ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and it’s 2019’s new slang phrase like “bling” was back in the early 2000s. I’m personally glad people have started to retire lit because some of y’all weren’t even saying it right.

Anyway, this post is how to have a Hot Mom Summer. The products I’m recommending are affordable (and a few are FREE!) and it’ll just give you an extra perk in your twerk. Ready? Let’s goooooo!


Yassss, queen! Water! With climate change being a real feckin’ thing, you best believe you need some water in that bod. I’m not talking a sip; you better be downing a few glasses of that jawn. It’ll clear up your skin, aid in weight loss, and most importantly, it’ll keep you hydrated!

Burt Bee’s Conditioning Lip Scrub

Chapped lips aren’t not the business. There are plenty of lip scrubs on the market nowadays but this gem is so amazing. It’s not too hard on your lips and you don’t have to use very much, which is great on your wallet!

Burt Bee’s Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter

This is my new favorite because my lips get super chapped and dry very quickly. Sometimes, I don’t want to wear any lip gloss and just go almost bare. This ensures my lips will be kissable and smooth for a long while.

Body Lava by Fenty Beauty

I have raved about this before and I’ll rave about it for years. You’ll only need a few pumps (really, two) and it’ll give you coverage that’ll last all day. Your skin will be smooth and shimmering. What’s hotter than that?

It comes in different shades, too! Get you some!

Praline by NYX

This is my new favorite go-to lip gloss. Not only is it easy to glide on but girl, it’s cheap! And it lasts a long time!

It Cosmetics Confidence In a Cream

I’m still on the fence recommending this, though it has worked wonders for my skin. While it’s super rich and creamy, and you really don’t have to use very much, it’s also chalkfull of a ton of ingredients. The major ones are collagen and hyaluronic acid, which has been proven to make the skin more supple and in return, youthful-looking.


No, really. Get your butt outside and get some Vitamin D. Being outside is good for you not just physically, but mentally. Breathe in the fresh air. Listen to the different sounds. Embrace nature. Enjoy life. You only get one.


Product Review: Fenty Beauty Beach, Please


I love Fenty Beauty. I can’t stop singing its many praises since its release and given I’m a diehard Rihanna stan, I have more reasons to love it. When I heard Rihanna was coming out with a body line under the Fenty brand, I was like, ‘Bitch, please take all of my money.’


As an awesome anniversary gift, my husband gifted me the entire ‘Beach, Please!’ collection, valued at $135



My body was ready.

When I received the package, it came as a plain cardboard box and I think this packaging is brilliant because you don’t know what’s inside of it and they’re smart not to have Fenty Beauty broadcasted all over the box for someone to jack your ish.

But inside the box, tho…


Isn’t that dope?

Each product is individually wrapped/packaged, which makes a lot of sense.

Fun box and packaging aside, how do these products actually work?

First up to the plate:

The Fairy Bomb!


I love how it came inside a big box just for it. It didn’t come covered in a plastic wrap.

And when you open the box…


Doesn’t it look like a pomeranian?


It kinda does!

The trick is, I’m guessing, you just pom pom your body with this and it’ll release some fragrance and sparkle. Did you catch a little shade in my post? Yeah, because it didn’t work.


  • It’s cute.
  • It smells good.


  • It’s pricey. $42. When you buy it in the Beach, Please package, it’ll come out to around $45 so you’re not really saving any money.
  • You might feel you like you have to beat yourself up with the pom pom to get any out.

Bottom Line: Save your money.  I wish I had.

Next batter up:

Face & Body Kabuki Brush


You can pretty much use this for any product, not necessarily Fenty. I personally love to use this along with the body lava because I feel it spreads it better than my hands and fingers.


It’s dense but mighty. The brushes are hella soft and I haven’t experienced any shedding.

Now that we know the player, let’s see how this works:


  • It works very well. Blends easily.
  • I don’t have to put so much work into using the brush. At ease with it.


  • It’s pricey. $34 USD. You might find cheaper elsewhere.
  • It does not clean well. At all. In fact, the body lava left some residue and a bit of a stain on the brush.

Bottom Line: It does its job but you might be able to find better for cheaper.

Final hitter of the night:

Body Lava


This was the main one I wanted to get so I was hella anxious to see if this one actually worked.

And thank the Good Lord Almighty it did!


Using the kabuki brush, I only put a little. And really, all you need is a little. Two pumps will cover your entire arm.


I had to see if this was going to work and I was really hoping it would. I guessed right.




More shimmer!

It smells nice and light and leaves my skin feeling oh-so silky smooth and soft! I loves it!


  • It comes in two shades depending on your skin tone.
  • A little goes a long way. You need to spread it so your won’t feel sticky icky icky.
  • It made my skin feel softer.


  • It’s pricey. Almost $60 USD. This is definitely a splurge.
  • Some have complained how sticky it is, but I also feel they might have used too much. You don’t use this as a lotion. The less the better.

Bottom Line: You might be able to find something that does the same thing for cheaper, however, the body lava does make your skin softer so it’s worth the splurge, IMO.

Overall, I wish I only purchased the Body Lava by itself, and not the entire package. The Fairy Bomb did absolutely nothing for me, and I think I would’ve saved some money on getting a better kabuki brush.

If you’ve tried any of the Fenty products, what did you like or not like about it?

Makeup Product Review – Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty


I know I’m hella late on reviewing Fenty Beauty. I know this. But better late than ugly, right? My makeup bag says so:


You can purchase that bag here.

I’m sure you have heard all of the rave (and not-so great) reviews of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. Boasting of 40 shades, it has been revolutionary in the world of makeup and literally something for every skin shade.

Naturally, I had to try it.


I went to Sephora to find out what my shade was (and I highly recommend everyone do that because you might think you’re one shade but really you’re another one entirely). The great saleslady at Sephora helped me and got it right the first time! Score!

Of course, this was some months back when it was sold out everywhere so I had to wait a few months (and also why this review of it is late). I have to say, though…I’m quite impressed!

It goes on very smooth and has no smell that I can tell (I have a sensitive nose, a side effect of my pregnancy with Bear), and it’s deep in pigmentation. It’s literally the perfect shade for my skin tone and I don’t have to play the mix and match guessing game with so  many other foundations. I say Fenty Beauty is right up there with my beloved Iman and MAC Cosmetics.

But the proof is in the pudding, right? So, let’s do a before pic of me with no makeup:


This is an oldish pic of me (taken Last December) but trust, I look like this every day. All day, every day.  Dark circles and all.

Now let’s see a pic of me all glammed up and what-not:


Lovely. The magic of sleep and a great concealer. I’m 440, for those wondering.

So, now that we’ve met the players, and saw the game, what was the score?


  • Affordable. It sells for $34. So, yes, it’s pricey if you’re used to drugstore makeup, but it’s not going to break your bank. It also lasts for a long time even with every day use.
  • 40 Shades, yo! There is literally a shade for everyone.
  • Deep pigmentation. It makes your skin look better. Flyer. Hotter. Fresher. Hell, you can just wear it alone and you still be poppin’ flavor and drippin’ sauce.


  • It’s not available everywhere. You have to get it at Sephora (online and in all stores) or Fenty Beauty online.
  • The foundation does come out a bit runny so you have to be careful on how much you pump out. For me, it’s usually 2-3 pumps.
  • You have to shake the liquid foundation every time you use it. If you already have liquid foundation, this is a no-brainer because they actually say that on the bottle (Fenty does, too). Now, this is not really a con but more like an annoyance. Sometimes if time is running low, you just want to put it on and not worry about shake-shake-shake your bottle.

I do recommend it! No question. Give it a whirl!


The Fenty Precision Makeup Sponge 100

Lord, that is a long name just to describe a makeup sponge.


As I’m anxiously awaiting to get my Fenty Beauty in my shade (440, to be exact), I decided to try another Fenty product – the makeup sponge.

Now, all makeup sponges aren’t created equal as I found out. There’s a reason why one makeup sponge will cost $5, another will cost $12, and the granddaddy of them all will cost around $25. (That review is coming soon, promise!)

Rihanna’s makeup sponge is retailing at a price that is surprisingly affordable – $16. So, of course, I have to try it.


I have to admit I love the packaging of it. It’s wrapped up super tight so you know when you’re buying a sponge, no one else’s greedy paws was all over it.

Undoing the packaging, the sponge felt nice pre-wet.


When it was wet, it felt super light. Not a bad thing. A makeup sponge is supposed to feel light and not like well, a regular sponge.

So I put it to the test. I mainly purchased this sponge to apply concealer (which, I found out I can actually use my fingertips), and sometimes, those hard to reach spots on my face when a regular sponge or brush just won’t do the trick.

As a result…there really wasn’t that much of a difference in application. Like, seriously.


It’s not that it wasn’t a good sponge. I think the shape of it is the biggest selling point, because as much as I do love my other sponges, none of them have a flat side. That side comes in real handy when you’re trying to apply concealer or even bronzer.


I think the Fenty sponge would be a great starter or a good dupe for someone who doesn’t want to spend $25. However, I don’t think it provided the same coverage as the other sponges I’ve used. I’ve used this $12 knockoff from Sephora, that worked really well.

Now that we’ve met the player, how did it do?


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s from Rihanna’s Fenty brand, which is already making a huge splash in the makeup industry.
  • It does blend very well.
  • The shape is great for applying concealer and some contouring. I personally LOVE the flat side.
  • It’s relatively affordable, compared to the Beauty Blender.


  • Because it’s so lightweight (read: very soft), I felt it absorbed a lot more of my makeup.
  • Cleaning the sponge was rather interesting. I felt I had to use more soap to clean that sponge than I did with my Beauty Blender, which leads back to the first point of the Con list.

Now, I have read from other beauty gurus that the best way to use this sponge is to either soak up some excess product around your face (dry), or touch up your look (wet). So, I’ll have to try that and see. I also want to try this with my dry foundation so I’ll update this post when I do that.

I have to say I do prefer using the Fenty sponge over my brushes, yet, I’m hard-pressed to throw out my Beauty Blender quite yet. I think I have to use the Fenty sponge a few more times to see if there is a significant difference.

My recommendation?

Get it. If you don’t want to spend money for a Beauty Blender yet, but you don’t want the cheap knock-offs elsewhere, try the Fenty sponge. You just might like it.