Day Out with Thomas!!

Over the weekend, we surprised Bear with an early birthday gift by treating him to see his favorite homie, Thomas, and his second-favorite, Percy. (He loves Gordon, too, but he wasn’t there.)

First things first, I have to show off the custom-made Thomas shirt I ordered from Etsy:


Cool, huh? To purchase your own, click here.

Here are other pictures from the weekend, taking by my bae:

And of course, I did a vlog capturing everything!


пожарная машина

Over the weekend, we went to Fire Service Day at the Beverly Hills Fire Department. It was a lot of fun! We got to ride in a fire truck (which is a lot bigger and a bit more difficult to get in than I imagined). We met some super cool firefighters, and got to know our (semi) local Fire Department! We missed the demonstrations they did but it was fun nevertheless!

пожарная машина is pronounced as pozharnaya machina.

Here are some pictures of the weekend’s festivities:

And here’s the vlog:

To order the shirts we wore, click here.