Bear’s IKEA Bedroom Makeover


I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA as I think a lot of people do. If you want cheap furniture and what-not, it’s your place. Sometimes that cheap furniture might really turn out to be a bust but that’s the risk you take.

We decided to furnish our entire home with mostly IKEA items. (No, this is not a sponsored post.) We decided on that for two reasons: Bear and Sushi.


When you have a small child and a pet who thinks she rules the household, you have to adjust accordingly. Maks and I decided from early on, we weren’t going to get any expensive furniture and the furniture we did get, we had to be okay with it being torn.

Yes, these are things no one really talks about during the cutesy little baby showers.

We furnished Bear’s room when we moved in a year ago, yet over time, well, we just stopped caring:


I mean, we really stopped caring:


Even Sushi was like, ‘What the hell is this?’

I finally had more than enough and I’m sure me binge-watching Tiny Home Nation along with some sprinkles of Hoarders and Marie Kondo made me realize my baby needed a playroom and bedroom; not makeshift storage.

Bear wanted to go to IKEA recently and originally I had no reason to go. Then I realized, ‘Oh wait, your bedroom is a hot-ass mess so maybe we should go.’

I found a super good deal on a new toy chest:



The frame was heavier than I thought it would be and I’m surprised I didn’t get a hernia carrying it to the car.

I picked up six containers and told Bear to choose which colors he wanted:

And we picked up a small stool for him:


Now, it was time for the redecorating to begin.

Maks and I pretty much cleaned out Bear’s room. I sat with Bear and asked him what toys he wanted to keep and which ones he wanted to donate. We also did a trash pile for toys that were missing pieces or broken.

I feel it’s very important to have the children be hands-on in getting rid of their toys instead of the parents. While it’s painstaking and there’s a lot of back and forth, it’s ultimately the child’s decision to part with the toys, not the parent.

We decided to throw away the Paw Patrol toy chest because it was broken and torn. Plus, as Bear is getting older, he’s probably not going to be into certain things like he used to be. This kid was obsessed with everything Thomas the Train three years ago. Now it’s Minecraft and Roblox.

After we rid of the old toy chest, it was time to construct the new one. Maks did an amazing job constructing it while Bear and I cleared out his toys. Once Maks was done, it was time to move it to Bear’s room:


Then, it was time to clear what was underneath Bear’s bed and transform it to something more suitable for a child and any playdates he’ll have:



We have the frames in Bear’s room so he knows it’s his room. He chose both pictures and frames.


Maks found a spare hook he had and added Bear’s lantern to give Bear some extra light.

Bear’s room is still in the process of being made over. We’re going to add a curtain to give him some separation from the ┬ádesk and the rest of the room. We’re also going to add another small mat for Bear to lay on.

So yeah, there you have it! I’ll do a full video about his makeover soon!

To purchase items shown:

IKEA bed

IKEA toy chest

IKEA table and chairs

IKEA containers – small.

IKEA containers – big.

IKEA stool