Is BlackUp Cosmetics Fantastic for Your Lips?


I’ve meant to use this meme for a while and finally found the reason for it.

Anyway, this post is about BlackUp Cosmetics. While it’s catered to women of color, it’s unclear if it’s actually Black-owned (I heard it was and then I heard it wasn’t). Recently, I test-drove their Lipshine in 08.


Here’s my review:


It’s pricey. It’s $19. This is a splurge. 


Doesn’t smell like anything and that’s a great thing!


It spreads pretty well but not sticky or gunky. Very smooth.


Another Look:

I deliberately took the photos outside and in good lighting so you could see how it would look.

My review:


  • It’s from a brand catered to women of color.
  • It does last a long time and I only had to reapply once.
  • It’s a perfect daytime color.


  • It’s pricey – $19.
  • BlackUp is only available on its website or
  • Some colors may not mesh well with your skin tone.

All in all, I do recommend BlackUp so give them a try. Again, because it’s pricey, this is a splurge.