Children’s Books – Black History Month Edition

In celebration of Black History Month (or BHM as I might refer to it this moment on), I’m going to showcase some recent books we either own or have read lately that featured prominent black characters or were written by black authors.

First up, my favorite children’s book of all time:


The Snowy Day is about a young boy named Jack and his adventures with snow. It’s a book I read as a child and I’m so proud to share it with Bear now. To purchase, click here.


Now, I wouldn’t really consider Corduroy to be a book geared towards black children, however, the main human character is a black girl so I thought this would’ve been a nice addition to feature. It’s a story about a bear who hopes someone will take him home, but he has a bit of an adventure at the store he is at. To purchase, click here.


I literally just read this book to Bear last night! This is a story about a woman who shares the story of how her family migrated to New York City from the South, and the many uses the family rope had undergone. To purchase, click here.


This is written by famed author Toni Morrison and her son, Slade. It’s about a Nana who’s not your typical Nana. Not only does she play and have fun with her grand babies, but they also make some really dope peeny butter fudge in the process. To purchase, click here.


And finally, Back of the Bus shares an unique perspective of a young boy sitting on the back of the bus when Rosa Parks was arrested. I think this is a great book to tell if you want to share the story of Rosa Parks but in a way where a child can understand it. To purchase, click here.

I should note, all of these books are available at the local library so please patronize them.

Happy Black History Month, family!