Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday!

He Is Risen!

We went to see the Easter bunny a few weeks back at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. The pictures didn’t come out so great (I’m biased due to being married to a photographer), so Maks fixed them!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! xoxoxo



Today I have a four-year old


It’s crazy to think four years ago, I gave birth to one of the most amazing persons ever. Like ever.

Motherhood has been a challenge, no doubt. A lot of ups and quite a few downs. But I can’t imagine my life without him.

He brings a smile to my face when I’m down. He makes me see the bright side of things. He’s my inspiration when I don’t have any. He’s the reason I keep going and want to do better.

To My Beautiful Bear, Happy Birthday. I love you always.