Bear is five.

It’s crazy to think five years ago, I won the lottery. … More Bear is five.


Father and Son

I really love capturing moments like this. I used my hubby’s camera, a Fuji, if anyone’s wondering. Shout-out to the hubs, for the awesome editing he put into the pics!  … More Father and Son

Bear Turns 3!

It’s been an incredible three years. It’s been a challenging three years. But I’m blessed everyday. When he was born, it felt like I won the lottery and I still feel the same. Without further ado, I present Bear’s greatest hits over the past three years. Enjoy!  

#TBT – All About the Bear! #biracial #mixed #child #toddler

Here are some photos from Bear from the past year. Gosh, it’s so crazy these photos were actually taken around this time last year!   As you may have noticed in one picture, there’s a sidecar next to our bed. I’ll share our adventures in co-sleeping in a future blog post coming soon. No, we’re … More #TBT – All About the Bear! #biracial #mixed #child #toddler