Why I’m Still a Michael Jackson Stan




I’m a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson. Have been for years. I love MJ so much, I even introduced him to my son, who’s still trying to grasp why he looked one way in one year (Thriller) but completely different in another year (This Is It). I’ll explain it to him when he’s old enough.

Never mind my parenting duties, as much of a fan I am of MJ’s, I also followed the numerous child molestation allegations against him over the years. Admittedly, I can say once the 2004 allegations came up, I began thinking just like many people, ‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.’

Let’s face it; it’s natural to think that when someone is accused of something several times, they’ve probably done said action. Bill Cosby and R. Kelly come to mind. However, unlike the aforementioned entertainers, Michael Jackson was never convicted of any crime nor was there any evidence that could directly link him to any crime, say like a sex tape.

Of course, I have to mention the two multimillion dollar settlements his insurance company paid to two families on allegations. I repeat, Michael Jackson’s insurance company paid those settlements, not Jackson himself.

Yet, the thought of the world’s most famous and recognizable entertainer was capable of doing such henious acts against children has haunted Michael in his shortened life and now in his death.

MJ was acquitted in 2005 and unexpectedly died in 2009. On the ten-year anniversary of his death, a damning documentary came out from two men who claimed MJ molested them for years.

As I refused to watch the documentary because I know a cash grab when I see one, I couldn’t help but wonder — why is everyone ignoring the FBI report on MJ that cleared him?

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Why We Chose Arts Over STEM for Bear


Choosing a good elementary school is rolling the dice. You honestly just don’t know what you’re going to get. You hope to get a Lucky 7 but you might end up with snake eyes.

After some careful deliberation and going back and forth, we ended up choosing an Arts school for Bear. Our other choices were a Quaker elementary school and a STEM school.

So, you’re probably wondering why we made that choice considering that was the same school I had an issue with previously? Well, it wasn’t an easy breezy decision at all. In fact, the Arts school was actually third on the list.

We originally wanted Bear to attend the Quaker school but after going through the finances aspect of it, it was just a bit out of our reach. Affording half of the tuition wasn’t the problem, but affording the other half was going to put us in the ‘How badly do we need to eat dinner tonight?’

The STEM school was the second choice because of its California Distinguished School certification and plus, they’re all things math and science. We felt that would’ve been a great fit for Bear.

But then a funny thing happened – Bear is into all things arts – music, painting, dancing, and just a bit of acting.

Makeshift picnic in our backyard

He loves to explore his creative side, and as a result, we love to explore it with him. We keep pictures of his artwork all over the home and we constantly do painting and creative sessions at home.

We also introduce Bear to some great music. Maks introduced Bear to Ukrainian rock music while I play a lot of old R&B such as The O’Jays, Temptations, and Four Tops at home. And of course, Bear’s namesake – Michael Jackson.

Bear constantly sings and dances at home and also at school. Even when he’s with his friends, they do dance parties. At first, I wondered if us choosing an arts school was the right fit just because it’s a public school and the class sizes are significantly bigger than what Bear is used to.

However, we think it’ll be the best fit since the school is arts-centered and that’s something Bear is rather passionate about. I think having two parents who are also creatives, brought out the creative side within Bear.

It’s still a concern about the class sizes, though.  I decided to incorporate some homeschooling lessons to ensure Bear is getting the right amount of education in addition to what he’s being taught. If you follow me on IG, I occasionally post lesson plans I do with Bear.

We learn his letters and numbers (writing), spelling his name, and I’m teaching him Spanish in addition to Ukrainian. We also do a lot of outside activities and take advantage we have a backyard to do them in.

I’m still uneasy at the thought Bear won’t get too much attention in kindergarten with a class of 25+ other students, but I can also be assured with the lessons we currently have will soothe his transition.

So, yeah, there you have it. Bear’s going to an Arts school. We’ll see if it’s a success or if we’ll be choosing another one. I have a feeling, however, it’ll be the right fit for Bear.



Tempeh Taco Salad

IMG_6301 2

I know, I know…

It’s been a hella long time since I posted anything vegan on here. Laziness is really the excuse.

Now that’s out of the way, lol, let me talk to you about a recipe I just found – tempeh tacos.

I noticed a lot of vegan recipes use a lot of the same ingredients – tofu, tempeh, and jackfruit – in various forms. While it might be exciting at first, after a while, you’re wondering if you’re going to have the same ol’, same ol.

Oh Tempeh!

Enter a tempeh taco salad.

Tbh, this originally was supposed to be tempeh tacos but somewhere along the line either I said eff it or I was about to do tacos but kept snacking on the tempeh mixture. #fatgirlproblems

I created my own homemade guacamole using just avocados, tomatoes, lime,  salt, and pepper. Yeah, that’s it. Sometimes you just need the basics without the B.S.

I followed this recipe for the tempeh mixture. It’s real simple to make. Buyer beware: the recipe does call for soy sauce so if you have a soy allergy, you might want to either skip this or look for an alternative.

IMG_6300 2
This is not a pretty picture but this came out so darn good!

Most of all, this recipe was a big hit with the hubby. We’re both not vegans, but we love to eat a lot of plant-based food and go meatless several times a week. He really found this to be delicious. Bear didn’t care for it, but he’s also a rather picky five year old so I have to figure out another alternative for him when we do meatless dishes.

IMG_6299 2

What are your favorite tempeh recipes?



Forever 21 Finds

I know, I know, I know…maybe my old ass shouldn’t be shopping at Forever 21.

I’m not trying to be like one of those “cool moms” who’s trying to be hip and cool. Sometimes, I just like a good deal.

And buy 2, get one free for any jewelry is a pretty good deal.

Yo, check these out!


This reminds me of the old-school door-knocker earrings from way back when. These are plastic instead which is why it’s so cheaper. But look how dope these are? Only $6.


I have 7 piercings in my ears and I like to wear earrings in all of the holes if possible. I can’t really wear studs all of the time because they sometimes bother my ears. But these hoops are super cute! $6.


One of my BFF’s, Ricci, is a style maven. She can accessorize, figure out the craziest lipstick color and she could rock it like no one’s business, and just be a hip diva all around. I couldn’t find a third pair of earrings that spoke to me, but I picked these up for her. #FREE

So, there you have it. I don’t go into Forever 21 to still prove I’m down with the Underground, but just to get some cute finds.

What are your favorite Forever 21 finds?

Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday!

He Is Risen!

We went to see the Easter bunny a few weeks back at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. The pictures didn’t come out so great (I’m biased due to being married to a photographer), so Maks fixed them!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! xoxoxo