Vegan Restaurant Review – Hinterhof

It’s not everyday one has vegan German food.

For real, for real. I was shocked, too.

On a recent date night with friends, we decided to try out vegan German food. Now, I never had German food like ever. So I was a bit skeptical if I would like it. I’ve had had vegan food and I’ve really enjoyed it, so I was willing to try.

YOLO, right?

Enter Hinterhof Beer Garden and German Kitchen, located right here in the heart of L.A., and my old stomping grounds, Highland Park. I should note Highland Park is becoming known for its vegan food choices so I’ll be reviewing more restaurants.

Let’s talk about the decor. When you enter the restaurant, you walk through the open patio, that’s surprisingly cozy despite being outside. Heated lamps and comfortable tables and chairs outline it. Inside the restaurant, there aren’t any booths or private tables, but think hipster chow hall.

Yes, hipster chow hall.

Let’s start off with appetizers. I got the pretzel with mustard. I’m not a mustard fan but I was curious how pretzels would taste with mustard (I usually eat them with cheese). This was an amazing pretzel. It was baked just right, not too greasy, and most importantly, not too salty. The mustard had the right amount of tang to it.

My hubby got the soup du jour and it was a tomato soup. That was really, really good as well. Nice and creamy, not too tangy.

So, let’s go to the entrees. I got the breaded seitan cutlet with mashed potatoes and red cabbage. First, this was a really big serving. The next time I go there, I’ll get one plate to share because it’s that huge. The cutlet was cooked just perfectly and it didn’t lack any flavor or seasoning.


We shared the apple strudel with coconut ice cream for dessert and it was so delicious.

In terms of drinks, I had the AfriCola, which is the German equivalent to Mexi-Cola. Just pure sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. My hubby had one of the German beers and he really liked it.


I totally, totally recommend it if you’re in the L.A. area!


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