Issa Gun Range

Maks has been trying to get me to go to a gun range for years. I say somewhere between when we were first married to well, now. So yeah, since we’ve been together almost 10 years, I say he’s been trying for a while.

After the recent break-in, Maks was very insistent I knew how to shoot a gun. We currently have a rifle in our home, but it’s not something I can shoot nor is it something that’s easily accessible. Once the time to get me a good gun, we’ll have another one (and also figure out a place where Bear can’t easily access it). But for now, baby steps…I need to learn how to shoot first.

Enter L.A. Gun Club.


Maks researched gun clubs around L.A. to take me to. While the one in nearby Burbank was closer, the one in Los Angeles was a bit more open and lenient with their rules. It was a go.

The range opened at 3 PM and we were one of the first to arrive. Once we were inside the range, we were treated very well! We had to fill out paperwork stating we know the rules (don’t point a loaded gun at anyone, we’re not battling any mental illnesses, and we’re not under the influence of any drugs). We then had to show ID and they kept it during the time we were at the range.

We explained to one of the associates it was my first time there and my very first time holding a gun, like EVER. So, he gave me a couple of choices to test from – the beretta and the glock. He told me the beretta was heavier, but the recoil wasn’t that bad whereas the glock was lighter but the recoil was heavier. I went with the beretta.

We had to purchase bullets for Maks’s rifle and for the beretta I borrowed. I also got to choose my target since they had a wide range! We brought our own headphones but we didn’t need glasses since we both wear them.

Now it was time to practice.

Holding a gun is nothing like the movies. One, no one is really holding a gun sideways. Two, guns are pretty freaking heavy and I had to position my fingers just right. It’s something I’m still working on but it was good to know.


Shooting the beretta was an interesting experience. Honestly, I kept envisioning the people who robbed us and it felt very cathartic. I also learned when I focused on the target, instead of shooting out of anger, my aim was much clearer:


Not bad for a first timer, huh? My goal is to destroy, not give someone a graze wound. I don’t believe in #alllivesmatter.

My hubby practiced with the rifle and the beretta. He’s obviously more experienced with the rifle but it was good for him to practice.


Of course, it was my turn to hold the rifle. It’s a lot bigger than I’d anticipated:

IMG_0188The rifle was heavy for me and the recoil kicked my ass something fierce. But yeah, I need more practice.


Notice how clean that is? Because I hit the darn number box. Guh!

There were some gun nuts who wanted to show off so they rented an AK-47. Fools shot everywhere but the target. Whew, chile…the stupid.

After we were done, we purchased the bullets, returned the guns, and retrieved our IDs. We also got to keep our targets.

So hey, it wasn’t a bad experience but a rather fun one. I told my mom about it and she was pleased I knew how to shoot a gun. She also gave me advice on protecting our home at the same time. I can’t wait to go back and practice more on my shooting.

Hers and his.

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