Prelude & Dawn, I Just Adore You

I’m in my old neighborhood of Highland Park, Los Angeles, on a regular basis. While I do love living in Pasadena, I really miss the old neighborhood and its charm.

As we spent some time in town over the weekend, I stopped by an interesting shop called Prelude & Dawn. I haven’t been there before nor did I stop by when I lived in HLP (I know, shame on me).

Of course, since I’m blogging about it, I’m a new fan.

It’s hard to describe the shop other than if you’re into clean scents, smudging, cleansing your home, body, and spirit without smelling like you work at Bath and Body Works or LUSH cosmetics, this is the place for you.

One could say it’s catered to hipsters, but I think it’s catered to those who just want good vibes and not bad juju around them. Prayer only does so much.

I picked up a little boat for my white sage since I burn so much of it.

Isn’t it cute? 

And a candle that OMG, I swear it smells like happy feelings, clear skin, an 850 credit score, and no bullshit.

And it’s vegan! 

The store ships everywhere so break out those debit and credit cards!





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