Collard Wrap with Chicken

I know this isn’t the usually vegan and vegetarian fare I like to post on this blog. However, I felt this was healthy enough to still post! And plus, this came out hella good, y’all! I mean hella good! So good, I wish I was eating one right now.


I have to admit there’s something about a move that brings out the best in my cooking skills. I guess because new city, new food recipes? I dunno. All I do know is that I’m determined to make every dinner as colorful as possible. It’s like I’m constantly amazed at what else I can come up with.

I promise this post won’t waste your time for six years. 

I found this recipe here so again, I can’t take credit for this. I did make a few amendments, however, so you should probably take note if you want to make this meal.

Amendment #1: You need to wash your collard greens! Soak them shits, man! I don’t care if you soak them overnight or you soak them for a few minutes. Collard greens are not the type where you can just do a simple rinse-over and they’re clean. Oh no, boo-boo. Wash them, soak them, love them.

Amendment #2: I used as much different veggies a wrap can hold – tomatoes, bell pepper, and avocado (though it’s a fruit). While it’s fun to experiment with different veggies, please keep in mind that the collard can only hold so much before it begins to tear. The wrap isn’t meant to be eaten with utensils.

Amendment #3: If you have to buy processed chicken, go for it. I found it was easier (and healthier) to prepare the chicken at home.


  • I just used a simple mixture of spices (seasoned salt, peppercorn, and a pinch of cayenne pepper), and olive oil.
  • I poured the olive oil over the chicken and spread the mixture evenly on both sides of the chicken breasts (I used two).
  • Put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 375.

Voila! You have chicken that isn’t bland as hell. Right, Karen?

Now I have to admit, I did use the store bought bean dip spread instead of creating my own but I’ll try to make my own next time.

Finished wrap. 

This is a type of dish that needs to be eaten immediately. I made some for Maks to bring for work and while he said the wraps still tasted great, they also became a little soggy. So, that’s something to keep in mind if this is something you plan to make for a to-go lunch.

Mays’s lunch. I ran out of collards so I used green leaf lettuce for the last one. 

Have you made wraps? What are your favorite ones?


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