Book Review – The Hate U Give


So, I recently read this book and I have to tell you – it was absolutely amazing!

It’s about a young girl, Starr, who was a firsthand witness to the police shooting/killing of her friend, Khalil, who was unarmed.

It was a riveting first-person account of how living in the ‘hood can affect people of all walks of life. While the premise of the story is BLM-centered, I also feel it’s a book that everyone, no matter their race or gender, should read.

Of course, while I had some praise for the book, I also have some constructive criticism. One thing I didn’t like is how the author, Angie Thomas, hinted at Starr dating Devante, possibly leaving her white boyfriend, Chris. I think that tease could’ve been completely left out.

Also, it didn’t seem Starr and her low-key racist friend (her name escapes me at the moment) ever had any resolution. It was more like, ‘Oh, we’re not friends anymore because you think I’m racist but I’m not’ and there was not an opportunity to school her friend on certain actions and behaviors. Even if the outcome still would’ve been the same, it would’ve been nice to see some attempt on Starr’s perspective to educate, instead of outright dismissing.

Which makes it interesting because Chris, Starr’s boyfriend, often said problematic things in the book. However, since he was portrayed as a ‘down-ass white boy’, he was able to get away with it and I don’t know. I think if Starr was going to cut ties with her friend for being racist, she should’ve checked her boyfriend a bit more.

I do love how realistic the story was. Without spoiling too much about it, I like how it was poignant to what’s going on in today’s world with the political and racial climate.

Overall, I strongly recommend the book. Even if you’re not into anything political or social commentary, I do believe everyone should read this.

If you’ve read The Hate U Give, what did you think? Leave a comment below!


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