Back from the Brink!

I didn’t quite leave but with the holidays approaching, I decided now would be a good time to take a break before it really gets crunk in here.

I hope all of you are doing wonderful and great! We hosted Thanksgiving at our home and invited my in-laws (including the mother-in-law I don’t like) and family friends. It was the time to set aside differences and just enjoy company and food. 2016 taught me nothing is guaranteed this life and we need to enjoy it for what its worth.

And I got this pretty kick-ass picture in the process:


Bear and his dedushka (grandfather).

This week kicks off a ton of product and household product reviews since I have a plethora of them to go through. I’ll be reviewing makeup (lips and primer), curly hair care (detangling products), clothing, and household products.

For special Black-owned business, I will use the hashtags – #buyblack and #blackowned so you’re aware.

Stay blessed and beautiful!





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