AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted

It’s photoshopped but how much I wish it were real.

Honestly, I have so much to say.

As a Black woman married to a first-generation immigrant, who we both have gay friends, Bear’s godmothers are Latina, and many people under this beautiful rainbow of life…last night’s results are scary.

I speak about race on here not to jam it down your throat but to show you how I view the world differently. I don’t Kumbaya my view. On the flip side, I’m not Death to the Pigs and Fuck Whitey.

We need White allies. We need Latino allies. We need allies of all walks of life. That’s what makes America great.

Neither one of us slept well last night. I didn’t eat the dinner I prepared. I finally have the appetite back though now my soul is weary.

That wall won’t be built (and honestly, motherfuck you if you honestly thought it was going to be). Roe v. Wade won’t be overturned (but it will be restricted). The Affordable Care Act will probably be repealed (yet again).

But any rights and respect LGBTQ, POCs, and immigrants have? Are vanishing by the second.

It’s going to be a long four years. Or, it might be a short four years. Elections are occurring the next two years in the state and nationwide level…I sense there might be some changes.

There’s a lot I want to say. There’s a lot I’m not going to say.

A commentator I follow and sometimes agree with, Roland Martin, made what I feel was the best observation:

Whenever there is Black excellence, there is White backlash.

It makes sense…the man who accused President Obama for not being a citizen is his successor. You couldn’t have written a better script.

President GrabHerPussy ran a very hateful campaign and won. Even if you’re a supporter of his, you can’t deny that. And while some of President NeedsaNewWeave are celebrating his success and beating the odds, they’re not realizing how dangerous this is for the nation. Stocks have already dropped. World leaders are hesitant with meeting the President-Elect. Anxiety is at an all-time high and this is higher than even the 2008 election.

And honestly, I’m just going to keep it one hundred…if you voted for the President-Elect, you don’t have any friends that fall under these categories: POCs, immigrants, Muslims, or common decency.  Yes, I said it. A part of you would’ve seen what he offered and would’ve said, ‘Hell, no.’ But you didn’t. 55% of Trump’s vote came from White men and women, which is the vast majority of the country.

And now we, not you, will have to suffer for it.


This isn’t a ‘Hillary is Better’ post because I’ve had some very strong opinions about the Super Predator Clintons. But she’s not elected and from what I’ve gathered, she’s retiring from public service.

However, for my fellow Mommies and new readers to this blog, I believe this link explains how I feel and how, the majority of America feels right now.

Don’t Be Surprised. This is the America You’ve Always Lived In.


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