Ooh on the TTC Tip…Am I Really Ready for Another Baby Now?

The more squishy and chunky babies I see, the more my biological clock is shouting at me, demanding I occupy my uterus. Age, who was once my good friend and I still consider her a homie, is tapping her feet and giving me a look of, ‘Okay, sis, what are we doing here?’ … More Ooh on the TTC Tip…Am I Really Ready for Another Baby Now?

Doing Just Fine

Waiting my turn… That’s my theme for 2016. Waiting my turn. While that could apply to just about anything, it really applies to just one thing – pregnancy. It seems like when you want to have a baby, all you see are pregnant tummies, people announcing their births, people announcing they’re expecting… And then there’s … More Doing Just Fine

Shake It Off

I learned a valuable lesson this week… Always… ALWAYS… Listen to your body. As many of you may know, Maks and I have been TTC for Rainbow Baby #2. It’s had its ups and downs but we both realized not being stressed out about it was benefitting both of us. (See Big News for a … More Shake It Off

Big News!

I’ve been meaning to post an update regarding our TTC but just haven’t been able to sit down to have some time to do it. Well, here it is! For a long while, I always wanted 40 to be the cutoff age on having children. No specific reason or goal; I just didn’t want to … More Big News!