Future Baby Mama

For those wondering, Future Baby Mama is the title of a Prince song. I love Prince. Have you ever seen him perform in concert? Ah-mazing! You really need to go check him out sometime in this lifetime.

It’s Hump Day, Bump Day…let’s goooooooooo!



How far along? 38 weeks, according to LMP.

Weight gain/loss?  None. No weight gain at all entire pregnancy.

Symptoms: A ton of Braxton-Hicks. A ton. They tend to occur at night for whatever reason, leading me to believe that I might go into labor in the middle of the night. A return of nausea and vomiting which is not sitting well with me at all. I’m actually slightly nauseous as I type this. I read it was a potential labor symptom but guess what? I’m still pregnant so I might have to call bullshit on that one.
Mood: Tired and anxious.
Sleep: Not much. Been getting up to go pee a lot more now.
Best moment of the week? Hearing news that Yoda is officially locked and loaded but now it’s just a waiting game.
Sex/Name of baby? Boy. His name is definitely Bogdan (Bawg-dan). Bogdan Michael.
Food cravings? Nothing really.
Belly button status? Still an innie but shallow.
Movement? A lot of it. Very active when I first wake up and throughout the day.
What you miss? Sleeping through the night! Getting up to pee several times really sucks!
What are you looking forward to? Bringing Yoda bear home from the hospital. I’m really looking forward to what motherhood will bring.
What are you nervous about? I just want my baby to be alive and healthy.

I’m Lovin’ It – Yoda at Week 38*

Yep. Still preggo. Just waiting for Yoda bear to choose his birthdate.  As I wait, let’s check to see how he’s doing.

According to babygaga.com:

Stuck in a holding pattern

The final fat details are being rounded off before your rocket-baby’s big launch onto planet earth and into your arms.

For one, your adorable poop-factory’s meconium stockpile is growing (are you ready for that historical first tarry black poo?) as their baby fat stores continue to increase.

Most importantly, your wee genius’ rapidly developing super-brain is abuzz with new brain cells that’ll be growing for years to come.


Whether you give birth tomorrow (yes!) or next week (aw), your fantastic baby is pretty much 100% ready to face the world outside of your womb.

And by “ready”, we mean unable to hold their own head up or do much of anything other than cry, pee, poop, and eat… and steal your heart and sleep.

And how’s mom doing?

Hey mama, how’s week 38 treating you? Wait! Don’t tell us: big, awkward and impatient, right? Well, you look fabulous! Glowing with life and anticipation all at once.

All’s clear on the home front, too: at this point, if you go into labor, you’ll be on track for a normal healthy delivery that’ll end with your newborn snuggled sweetly in your arms. Hopefully, you’ve got all your newborn supplies stocked up and that infant car seat installed.

Between now and then though, you’ve still got to get your mind wrapped around the upcoming labor process, conquer your fears, and square off for the upcoming Breastfeeding Bootcamp.

Are you ready for your tiniest 18-year (or more) house guest?


Yoda’s head position is low enough where my OB felt it on Friday. But my cervix is still very much closed. Yeah, I’m a little surprised by that as well. My cerclage obviously worked; maybe a little too well. Even my OB was shocked. But I’m not going to try to naturally induce. I figure if induction is an option, I’ll go on his due date.  The longer he cooks, the better.

And what size is Yoda this week?


He’s the size of a pumpkin! Here’s a better visual:



This was supposed to be the Hump Day Bump Day (Future Baby Mama) picture of last week but well, that didn’t happen so I’m posting it here. Honestly, I look bigger than I feel. I can still see my feet and I came back from a long walk today. I just feel there’s an ailen taking over my body.

I’m Lovin’ It – Yoda at Week 37*

Yes, I’m still preggo. I can still see my feet. I can still move reasonably. But it’s still a struggle to get out of bed or turning over. If I stretch my legs, I’m risking a leg cramp and I’ve had a few already.

But the end is near. Praise Jesus.

Let’s check to see how Yoda bear is doing…according to babygaga.com:

If you haven’t yet delivered, you’ve reached the calm before the storm. You’re probably monitoring your body for those first Early Labor symptoms and wondering what you’ve forgotten.

Your smooshed-up baby is weighing in at around 6.3 lbs and 19 inches (with boys somewhat heavier and longer than girls).

As far as their internal organs go, your adorable poop and blood factory has reached “term” – a medical term that means your sweet little bun is birth-ready and labor is welcome and normal at this point.

Despite being physically ready to land on planet Earth, your baby’s immune system is quite weak and will continue to be that way for their first years of life.

Thankfully, your breast milk (aka “boob medicine”) protects your child via protective antibodies that are present in your breast milk.

And how’s mom doing?

If you haven’t yet evicted your wee lad or lassie from their first home, you’re sitting here: big, ready and wondering when you’re going to be in “real labor” – aka Active Labor.

Well, relax, because your womb-loving baby knows what they’re doing. They’re not quite done bakin’, mama!

Still, if you want to get things moving down there, stay upright and active (aka go for a brisk walk, with stairs – if possible) as your baby’s skull will be pressing on your cervix, thus, being upright and active encourages cervical thinning (a process called “effacement”) – which accompanies Active Labor as your cervix begins to dilate open.

If you’re not in labor already, now’s a good time to prep everything: double check you’ve all your newborn gear, go over your birth plan and clear your schedule conflicts and thin out the socially-demanding dates, it’s time to get ready for the finish line!


And what size is Yoda this week?


He’s the size of a winter melon! I say that’s pretty accurate. 🙂

I’m Lovin’ It – Yoda at Week 36*

Today, I’m officially nine months pregnant, according to LMP, though Yoda is still measuring ahead. I’ll get my cerclage removed next Tuesday and it’s pretty much a guessing game on when I’ll go into labor. Both doctors are estimating he’ll be born within the first week of November but I’m still not certain I’ll be pregnant come Halloween. We shall see!

According to babygaga.com:

Almost done, mommy!

The countdown to your sweet lil’ womb hi-jacker’s eviction is closing in!

In fetal developments: most of the bones (soft skull aside) in their little body are now completely hardened, providing a solid structure from which they can now make their grand debut into the world.

In physical fitness news: your mini-champ’s muscle tone is improving, and you’ll be impressed by their steel-like Ulnar grasp (a newborn reflex that occurs if you lay your finger in their palm).

Your baby’s nearly done baking!

And how’s mom doing?

Hey mama, are you big, warm, pee-tastic, tired, and feeling just a bit anxious?

Welcome to week 36!

To assuage your worries here are a few clear indications of when you’re going into real labor:

  • Runny loose stools/diarrhea
  • Loss of mucous plug aka “bloody show”
  • Contractions are consistent and grow in intensity
  • Your water breaks

You can have diarrhea without going into labor and your water probably won’t break. If it does break, it’ll feel like a sudden gush of unexpected pee just ran down your leg.

Ain’t pregnancy just the classiest thing ever?


I have been ‘going’ a lot more. I think yesterday I must’ve set a new record for the number of times I had to pee. Turning over in bed is starting to become an Olympic sport.

And what size is Yoda this week?


Yoda is supposedly the size of a honeydew melon but he’s bigger than that. Does a small watermelon count instead?



Future Baby Mama

I’m a day late and dollar short but I didn’t forget about this post. This one is special because it’s my BARE belly. Yeah, BARE. Stretch marks, dirty mirror, and all.

photo (3)l

How far along? 35 weeks, according to LMP.

Weight gain/loss?  None. No weight gain at all entire pregnancy.

Symptoms: Getting cankles. Ew.
Mood: Calm before the storm? I was feeling very overwhelmed for a while but now I’m fine, just prepared now.
Sleep: Not much. Been getting up to go pee a lot more now.
Best moment of the week? Getting a lot more baby swag.
Sex/Name of baby? Boy, leaning towards Bogdan.
Food cravings? Macaroni and cheese. I’ll eat that as a meal and that’s it.
Belly button status? Still an innie but shallow.
Movement? A lot of it. Very active when I first wake up and throughout the day.
What you miss? Sleeping on my stomach.
What are you looking forward to? Making 36 weeks!
What are you nervous about? I just want my baby to be alive and healthy.