Meet the Blussians: Light Saber Battle

So last Friday, the three of us went to the Light Saber Battle in Downtown L.A. Yeah, you read that right – a Light Saber Battle. I wasn’t able to get any light sabers for myself (by the time I shopped for some, the last one left was a really cool Darth Vader one that $50. Yeah. Even though we had $50, I couldn’t fathom spending that much on one light saber that probably wouldn’t be used that much.)

Here’s a recap of our adventures!


Festival of Lights parade!

Over the weekend, Bear and I went on a day trip to Palm Springs to see the Festival of Lights parade. It was Bear’s first time seeing it and he loved it!

Here are a couple of pics –

On the left is my mom and I, and of course the second pic is Bear and me.

Here’s the youtube adventures. Again, nothing too exciting but I just wanted to show everyone what the Festival of Lights parade actually looks like!

Vlogmas, Schogmas…

Can I tell you how hard it is to do a daily vlog? We really don’t have anything happening all the time to warrant a daily vlog so this is new to me. But I love a challenge and well, vlogmas is a challenge!

So check out the last two episodes as we’re in the process of making a third one now.

Great news! I finally own a KitchenAid mixer! I am so freakin’ happy about this. Santa came early this year. I’ve always wanted one but never purchased one because I couldn’t decide what color I wanted. My mom gave me great advice – choose a color you’re going to love in 20 years. So I chose Bordeaux. I think I’ll still love it in 20 years.

Nothing new to report here.


Happy Birthday, Bear!

This past Saturday marked Bear’s 2nd birthday. We decided to do something small because he’s just turning 2. Nothing against those who do big parties for their toddlers, but we’ll probably start doing those once he’s in preschool/child care so he has more friends of his age to play with.

In surprising news, my racist-in-denial in-laws decided they actually want to be grandparents for a change. Yeah, you read that correctly. This will mark Maks’s mother SECOND visit to Bear ever. I honestly refuse to call her his grandmother despite she is. I don’t know. I think a grandmother would actually make an effort to see their only living grandchild since the first one died, but hey…that’s just me.

To be honest, all of Maks’s immediate family are assholes when it comes to Bear, which makes me really not care for them. And I know their upcoming visit is reeking of guilt and overcompensation than it is actual love and support. Closest living relatives he has and yet, my family and friends who live upward to two hours away have seen him more than all of them combined. Just hmm…

Where they do that at?

They’re coming over this Saturday, against our wishes because they have to celebrate Maks’s and Bear’s birthdays, despite Maks telling them we’ll be gone all day. I told Maks I hope they’re bringing food and drinks because I’m not cooking after walking for hours.

So yeah, to make sure no bullshit occurs, the vlog camera will be on the entire visit. People tend to get a case of act right when they know a camera is on them. I doubt there will be any drama. The last time she came over, I barely spoke two words to her and she initiated both conversations. N has a storied history of being negative and instigating a fight when there isn’t one, so I tend to avoid or cut conversations very short when I’m around her.

Anyway, enough being a Negative Nellie. It’s the PMS (or a baby, since I’m 6 DPO) talking. Here are our adventures from celebrating Bear’s birthday this past Saturday:



Biracial Hair Care Review Part Deux

I’m starting to get the hang of this whole vlog thing.

Anyhoo, I reviewed the Kinky Curly detangling cream. I actually use it for my hair and I really liked it so I tried it on Bo’s hair.

IMHO, I think the Cantu actually worked better. Not sure because it’s actually designed for kids as oppose to Kinky Curly which is designed for everyone.

I also purposely kept this video instead of redoing another because I wanted to show everyone what a typical hair detangling time consists of between Bear and I. He was overly excited because he saw the camera and this kid loves seeing himself on camera. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes an actor one day, lol.