New Sensation

I had an appointment with my OB this past Friday. Yoda is looking great and measuring great. Still, no weight gain and my doctor doubts I’ll gain any for the remainder of the pregnancy. I can still look down and see my feet for the time being. I had my glucose test on Friday as … More New Sensation

Against All Odds

It gets easier.  It gets better. But does it really? Those are things I’ve said to myself. Those are things I’ve said to others. But I wonder…does grieving over your pregnancy, your child…does it ever get easier? Does it ever get better? This December, it’ll be two years since Ethan went to Heaven and it … More Against All Odds

Like I Love You

So much has happened since I last checked in! Lots and lots of great news! First things first – the major news: surpassing Ethan’s gestation loss and reaching viability. To be honest, I never thought I would see those two milestones. It’s huge. Reaching and surpassing Ethan’s lost was very emotional. Reaching viability was equally … More Like I Love You

Future Baby Mama

It’s Hump Day Bump Day! Wanna see what I look like now? Let’s gooooooooooooo!   I started tagging my photos for fear of trolls. I don’t think anyone would do that since I’m also well-known in other areas of the web. Still, the prevalence of Catfish and the like, I have to be a bit … More Future Baby Mama

My Sacrifice

“Keep up the good work. I know you had to sacrifice a lot for this pregnancy.” Those were the words my OB told me yesterday. I met one really crucial milestone and that was surpassing the gestation where I lost Ethan. Yoda is measuring ahead and it’s just a huge relief. I haven’t really put … More My Sacrifice