Cheap Charcoal Mask That Produces Big Results

Lately, I’ve been reviewing the high-end of things when it comes to beauty. Now, it’s time to review some of the cheaper products but I think are worth the money.


I often see the Yes brand at my local CVS (sometimes at Target as well), and have been meaning to try it for a while. In search for a new mask, I decided to take the plunge and spend the whopping $5. (It was actually $3.95 but I included tax and rounded it up.)

I personally like having peel-off masks because it removes the effort of constantly rinsing off your face like when you’re trying to remove the other masks. Still, despite the easiness and the affordability of this product, I was skeptical.

Could this actually work just as well or even better than some of the other masks I’ve tried?


Well, before I put anything on my face, I kinda need to know what’s in it:


As you can tell, there’s a whole lot of ingredients I can’t really pronounce. I recognized charcoal, though I’m surprised it’s listed as the fifth ingredient. I was also very surprised tomato, something the company is proud to include in their products, is listed as one of the last ingredients. (Tip: the order of the ingredients in anything tells you which one was used the most in creating said product. Always pay attention to that.)

After contemplating my life choices and how it ended up I used my college degree to review facial masks, I decided to try it on:


It doesn’t look pretty, but I’ve yet to see a facial mask that actually looks good. I guess the purpose is for your face to look good, not the mask.


My face is pretty much how I felt.

Now, this mask only takes 8-10 minutes to set. After it’s done, I just peel it off:


I have to admit, this is my favorite part of the process. It’s super simple to remove!

And final results:



So, let’s review this:


  • It’s hella cheap. Like under $5 cheap.
  • It’s available everywhere, though I got my mask at CVS.
  • The peel-off process is super easy!
  • My skin did feel refresh and I had a glow of sorts, pre-moisturizing.


  • There’s a whole lot of ingredients I can’t pronounce. That means there’s a lot of chemicals in this product so buyer beware.
  • Charcoal is listed as the fifth ingredient, not first or second.
  • Tomato is also listed as an ingredient in case you have a tomato allergy.


I did like this mask, but as I mentioned, I didn’t like there were so many chemicals involved. There were no immediate side effects but I don’t know about long-term use.

I do recommend, but buyer beware.



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