Blussian Christmas traditions – New Ornaments

It seems every year we do the same thing just a bit differently. But I love that about our little family – taking something new and putting our own spin on it.

As I’ve explained in the past, we celebrate Christmas pretty much starting from Saint Nick’s until the Orthodox Christmas and New Year in January. We typically have our tree and decor up until February, though I’ve started decorating on November 1st. Yeah, three months of Christmas. I don’t see the problem with that. Fight me.

This year, we collected a few more ornaments for the tree. I keep thinking we have plenty of ornaments and well, no, we never do. I still see a whole lot of green on our tree. But it’s a yearly process so I’m content with it being a marathon and not a sprint.

So, this will be a post broken down in a few parts. Let’s begin with the ornaments!

I just love Target. I was never a Target fan growing up but becoming a mother made it my second-favorite store:


The truck was $3.00 and R2-D2 was $8.00. See them at your local Target.

Next up was Disney:


I was not impressed how I was so careful in making sure Lightning McQueen wouldn’t get broken, only to see he did! Bah humbug!


It seemed Sushi wasn’t amused by Princess Tiana. She will deal.

Both ornaments were on sale for $10.00 each at the Disney Store.


Earlier this year, we went to a Pysanka festival here in L.A., where I picked up these Ukrainian ornaments. In hindsight, we should’ve picked up a few more since they didn’t cost very much. Now I know what to do next year!


This pretty much explains my weakness. #fatgirlproblems. I picked these up at Dylan’s Candy Bar at the Grove. And they’re squishy! $8.00 each.

Of course, Bear had fun picking out the tree for the first time this year:


And it’s so gorgeous! We really love the tree this year:


We also had a few lights from Costco that were OMG, so amazing. We’re going to pick up a few more strands.

And of course, my men had fun:



What are your Christmas traditions?


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