She’s Vegan & She’s Got It Like That

Tianna is one of the co-founders of Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting and just all-around badass. Join us as we talk about why she made the choice to go vegan, how her children are adjusting, and what role did Billy Joel play to convince her to stop sucking her thumb.  … More She’s Vegan & She’s Got It Like That


Kickin’ Off Clean Living Week!

It was a very enlightening documentary, to say the least. While I won’t become vegan (I just bought a new car that has leather seats and let’s keep it real, I’m probably not going to take it back to the dealership), the documentary did inspire me to take a good, hard look at what I’m consuming and make some swift changes. 

So, I figured…let’s make a journey out of this. 
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Hello Unicorn…

So, I’ve been kinda stuck on what I wanted to do with my hair. I’m like in that in between stage of wanting to let it grow out and wanting to go bald again. Yeah, weird stage. I decided to go completely different – unicorn. So maybe not quite like that…but kinda like this… Kinda … More Hello Unicorn…