So this past week, I received my #CharmVoxBox from Influenster. (Disclaimer: I received this for free and all opinions are mine.) I’m super excited about trying this and I’ve already reviewed a few things! The Mott’s Apple Sauce is actually something we buy on our own! Bear and Maks loved it and it’s a staple … More #CharmVoxBox

Anniversary Pics

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted but I wanted to share our anniversary outing last Saturday: The pictures are mostly in black and white because the venues we went to were dark inside. Shout-out to my hubby for taking most of the photos! It was really nice to go out by ourselves sans … More Anniversary Pics

Anniversary Baes

Today is our wedding anniversary (7 years), not to be confused with our dating anniversary in July (which will be 9 years). It’s been a lot of ups and downs, ┬ábut mostly ups. A lot of ups. Of course, weathering multiple losses, job changes, family issues, and burying a child are a part of the … More Anniversary Baes

Chalk and Crayons

Lately, I’ve been teaching Bear more of his numbers, shapes, and colors, in addition to what he learns at school. I’m proud to say now he can count up to 30 and he knows his American alphabet pretty well. While he’s at school part-time, he’s with me (us) full-time for the remaining days of the … More Chalk and Crayons