Happy Orthodox Christmas!

So, I’m a bit late on writing this. Orthodox Christmas was actually two days ago when you read this blog post.

Ever since Maks and I have been together, we’ve always celebrated traditional Christmas and the Orthodox one. For those wondering, we don’t have two days of gifts; the Orthodox one we celebrate with food, drink, and just enjoying each other.

So let’s count the number of occasions  we celebrate from December to January:

December – St. Nick’s, Christmas, NYE.

January – New Year’s Day, Orthodox Christmas, Orthodox NYE, and Orthodox New Year.

And of course, our Christmas tree is still up. It’s sparsely decorated this year because well, toddler. I’m really glad our baubles are made of plastic because it would’ve been a hurtful Christmas (with Bear pulling down all of the ornaments he could reach) and throwing them on the carpet.

Maks made Russian salad aka Olivier salad. He used a recipe online and added a bit of his own flavor to it so I can’t share that. I will share one similar here.

So Happy Three Kings Day!



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