Big News!


I’ve been meaning to post an update regarding our TTC but just haven’t been able to sit down to have some time to do it. Well, here it is!

For a long while, I always wanted 40 to be the cutoff age on having children. No specific reason or goal; I just didn’t want to be pregnant past 40. Of course, I’m 36 now so that gave me a very short window to conceive more children.

As I tracked my ovulation with OPKs, charted with fertility apps, and have been really mindful of my diet and exercise, I’ve also been a bit worried. Getting pregnant has never been relatively easy for me; it took almost a year to conceive Bear and several months to conceive Ethan.

And of course, conceiving is not necessarily the fun-let’s-have-sex-all-the-time activity society likes you to believe. It can be stressful, especially if you’re not conceiving in the time you thought you would.

So Maks asked me – Does 40 have to be your cutoff?


I began to think about it. What was the real reason for me to stop trying to get pregnant at 40 other than age? And honestly, that was only it. It was just an age thing.

So, we decided to let God take over and bless us with whatever. It doesn’t mean we’re going to be the interracial version of the Duggers (for fuck’s sake, I sincerely hope not!) but it means I won’t stress out about getting pregnant any longer. And hopefully soon, I’ll share some news that I’m pregnant with rainbow baby #2!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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