яблоко pie

Say it with me… yabloko. Very good. Again – ya-blah-kah.

You just learned apple…in Russian!

Over the weekend, I made apple pie and it turned out hella good! Of course, I learned this is a once in a year apple pie as the calories per slice came out be around 600 calories. Yeah, 600! But hey, it’s the holidays and I need to enjoy myself.


So here’s a before picture. Everything is homemade! Yes! I’m so proud of myself. Making a pie is a lot of hard work but trust me, it’s so worth it!


Here’s the pie when it’s done, but you don’t want to see that…here’s an up close picture:


Yeah, boyyyyyy…..so good. So.damn.good.

Recipe for the crust is here.

Recipe for the pie filling is here.



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