Can You Feel It?

Today is the King of Pop’s birthday. Here’s a rad fact – both of my kids’ middle names – Michael – is in honor of him. True story! (Though I pronounce Bear’s middle name as Mikhail. It sounds better than way, IMO.) Creating a vlog channel is a little more difficult than I’d imagined. I … More Can You Feel It?

Here We Go Again

The waiting game. I remember years ago, when we were first trying to conceive, people kept saying how stressful the two week wait (2WW) was. Meh, I beg to differ. It’s everything in preparation before the 2WW. Did I take the Fertibella today? We have to have sex tonight! Am I drinking enough green tea? … More Here We Go Again

The Humpty Dance

I’m currently on CD 12 and we’re doing the Sperm Meets Egg Plan. I found some old OPKs from years ago (I think they’re still good) and I’ve been checking my CM, which has been egg white. I was a little surprised to see Mr. Happy Face early morning today. Not sure if it’s the Fertibella or … More The Humpty Dance

Second Time Around

Registering the second time around isn’t that exciting. Let’s get something clear – I’m not pregnant, at least not yet. This is the first official cycle of trying and I’m currently on CD 6. I won’t ovulate for another week or so. I do feel surprisingly confident this time around. I don’t know if it’s … More Second Time Around


This was taken last year when we went to the local park across the street. It was just the two of us hanging out along with the other families. It’s so crazy to see how small he was last year in comparison to this year. o.O