Doing Just Fine

First grandchild. Seventh grandchild. First son. That is what I keep hearing since Bo’s birth. Now, I do refer to Bo as my first son just because I don’t want to keep explaining Ethan, especially to strangers. Unless you’re a bereaved parent, you won’t be able to understand the feelings of sympathy pity you get. … More Doing Just Fine

Can’t B Good

Remember how I expressed my dislike for the Pampers brand? Yeah. Now I have a solid reason. Let me present to you Exhibit A:   Yeah, this just happened. Tonight. Can someone please tell me how in theĀ fuckĀ did poop travel from Yoda’s bottom to outside of his diaper and onto his onesie? Yes, I know … More Can’t B Good

Sweet Sensation

This kid is permanently stuck on my boob. I’m typing this post with a semi-sleeping Yoda on my left boob. I’m sure that was a form of TMI but hey, I’m a mom now and my TMI posts are relatively far and few in-between in comparison to most that are out there. Yoda is now … More Sweet Sensation

Angel of Mine

I’m butt hurt. No, not butt-hurt like someone insulted me but I’m literally butt hurt. The one thing a lot of these pregnancy blogs and fellow mommies forget to tell me that when you breast-feed in the sitting up position, after a while, your butt hurts. And it’s quite painful. So I’ve been trying the … More Angel of Mine