I’m sure I used that title before. Today I had my cerclage removed. It was an eventful day. Let’s count the struggles… My MFM’s office usually calls the day before an appointment to confirm. I didn’t get receive a call yesterday but I didn’t pay too much attention to it and just thought it was … More Superwoman


Tomorrow is the big day. The day I get my cerclage removed. It’s cray-cray to think that back in May, I posted about how nervous I was to get the cerclage implanted. Then I posted about how my recovery was going. Now I’m posting on the eve of its removal. I never thought I would … More Outstanding

Future Baby Mama

You know, I really need to start being more timely with these posts. I’m totally slacking. 😛   Those are my new (read: expensive) glasses. I haven’t updated my glasses since high school (seriously) and my contacts in five years. Well, my vision hasn’t changed that much in terms of my contacts, but I’m sure … More Future Baby Mama