Future Baby Mama

Today is HDBD. I’m tired, y’all. It’s been really hot in LA and no matter how much I run all of the fans and AC and lounge around in my skivvies, I still can’t get cool enough. Maybe if I can somehow fit myself in the freezer, that might work. You have to excuse the … More Future Baby Mama

Against All Odds

It gets easier.¬† It gets better. But does it really? Those are things I’ve said to myself. Those are things I’ve said to others. But I wonder…does grieving over your pregnancy, your child…does it ever get easier? Does it ever get better? This December, it’ll be two years since Ethan went to Heaven and it … More Against All Odds

Let’s Get It Started

Remember when I said this kid was going to be spoiled? Well, if it won’t be by other people, it surely will be by his parents:   Credit to Robin and Beanie Bird Hats. Her Facebook page is located here. Her Etsy store is located here.